Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fitting into others expectations

I've been thinking a lot about expectations and people putting you in a box making you conform to someone else's standards. Sometimes I feel that I'm expected to be someone or something without my prior consent. I think part of growing up is trying to test the boundaries and discover who you are and this can be hard for teenagers especially when everyone around you, especially  those you think those who are meant to be supporting you, constrict you in your attempts to breathe and change.

Generally I do feel quite lucky, as growing up I was always told that I could be whoever I wanted to be and I could be strong and independent and I just needed to learn and to grow and to nurture myself. With the support of friends and family this became possible, however my journey through self discovery has not been all that smooth and not everyone has been a supportive. Especially during high school I, like many others, felt that it was the worst thing in the world to be different. You have to be normal and you have to be quiet you couldn't be different or express yourself without someone judging you, someone calling you names, someone belittling you.  After leaving high school and going into sixth form it was a much smaller community but a safer community where there were groups but really everyone intertwined and was very supportive. Because of this you got to see a lot more people express themselves and they weren't afraid. I think what I have realised is that the supportive community that I had meant that people weren't afraid to be themselves they didn't mind being different because they knew that they would be okay and others wouldn't care, if anything they'd support them further.

I guess what I'm trying to get to is that things now may feel like you can't express yourself, sometimes you don't fit in with others expectations of you. That's okay because eventually you will find a place where you will be accepted and even if you don't you have to believe and love yourself. The characteristics that are your differences will make you great and headstrong, making you fight to be heard and to never give up.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Exams - How I relieve stress

I, like many others have very important exams coming up soon and as well as being on top of revision I think that the key to doing well in exams,for me, is about staying calm and not panicking. Really I've never been the type of person to be able to revise really easily I often end up getting so bored and distracted. Therefore I thought I would put together a little list of how I try and deal with exam stress

  • Tea! And lots of it! - I've always been a big fan of tea an I've been starting to try fruit flavored tea because I feel that t just helps me feel energised and healthy at the same time. Although I am quite fussy so it takes a lot of looking.

  • Long hot baths - Especially when you find the most perfect bath bomb that bursts into beautiful colours and you can lie there for hours.

  • Breathing Techniques - I always find when i'm feeling stressed, focusing on my breathing is a great instant reliever for calming my mind. I often use the 4-7-8 breathing technique to relieve anxiety. Leading on from this yoga is also a great way to start mornings of or help you wind down after a long day.

  • Revision Strategies - Finding revision strategies that work for you is a great way of feeling less stressed when exams start because you will feel on top of your workload. For me I am quite a visual learner to posters and post-it notes will be all around my walls during exam season.

  • Eating well - Drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetable can give your brain all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to learn as well is making you feel like you have loads of energy rather than sluggish like fast food does.

  • Start early - This is probably the one which I find the hardest thing to do but then regret the week before my exams. So if you can do try and start revising earlier and start with small amounts because cramming a week before really does not work.
But ultimately, believe you are capable of achieving the grades you want and set goals for yourself, start small at first and then work your way up,then by the time exam season comes around you know that whatever you get is your best and that's all anyone can ask for.